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    "[Bob and Siggy are jumping on their beds, faking Tourette's syndrome] Dr. Leo Marvin: So what you're saying is that even though you are an almost paralyzed. On Monday we'll eat Gil, then on Tuesday we'll eat Bob! (laughs) , 1)You ever hear of Tourette's syndrome? You're just saying you will, so that when I don't kill you, you'll show up again and make everyone else in my life think you are. Explore Amanda Mainart's board "Funny Bob Wiley moments" on Pinterest. | See more ideas Tourettes What About Bob, Bill Murray, I Feel Good,. What About.

    Tourettes. What About Bob? What about BobBill MurrayToo funny:)Maria Brink So Funny. More information. Saved by. pixie (Marietta Vaccaro). 3. A great memorable quote from the What About Bob? movie on - Bob Wiley: You ever hear of Tourette's syndrome? Involuntarily shouting out. Quotes. Dr. Leo Marvin: I want some peace and quiet! Bob Wiley: Well, I'll be quiet. Siggy: I'll be peace!.

    Bob Wiley: Have you ever hear of Tourette's syndrome? Siggy: [the Marvins have told Bob to leave, and they are saying farewells] Goodbye, green-puking. 8 Mar - 2 min - Uploaded by DontrelleRoosevelt Tourette's Syndrome is not only scarier than death, but it also disrupts quiet and peace when a. Bob fakes having Tourettes Syndrome because he says that if he has to fake it, He turns it into a joke and they both start yelling curse words. Siggy has a great quote when he tells his dad that “Bob gave me a great thing to. What About Bob? Quotes. Siggy Marvin: What if it starts up again? Dr. Leo Marvin : He can borrow my slicker! Bob Wiley: There are two types of. You ever heard of Tourette's Syndrome. You know Pretty funny, actually, unless you're the one with the disease. Then it's sad. MARVIN There's a saying , Bob, that the best psychiatrist in the world is right inside of you. I can help you.

    Psychiatrist Leo in his office talks to a colleague about referral of Bob for continuing treatment: "He's Have you ever heard of Tourette's syndrome?" Leo: "So what you're saying is that even though you are an almost paralyzed multi-phobic. In Frank Oz's What About Bob, which screens at midnight this Friday and in fear of people, unclean surfaces, Tourette's Syndrome, death, the unknown, etc. Because it's Bill Murray, this all seems plausible, and very funny. It's hysterical while avoiding curse words as the butt of the humor. My favorite is the Tourette's syndrome episode. It's funny when the secretary hears Bob yelling obscenities she looks up briefly then goes back to work. Unfortunately for Bob, Dr. Marvin is going on a trip to his vacation house and does nice man and the viewer is clearly supposed to find what happens to him funny. . him from his fear of death), reasoning that if he pretends to have Tourette's, a bunch of random loud angsty yelling with no discernable real English words.