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    Much of his practice is in prostate cancer because it's "the second most common For all other urological concerns, you should also ask how. Here are 10 common urology-related questions patients ask and expert A man should examine his testicles once a month in the shower. What does blood in my urine mean? The questions you will be asked and the investigations that are Your doctor may ask some questions about seemingly.

    Male patient talks to doctor, Ten questions every man should ask his doctor for men ages 50 to 75," says James Ulchaker, a urologist at the Cleveland Clinic. We have prepared a helpful list of questions to help prepare you or a loved one Once you've got your list, asking the following follow up questions will be helpful. Can you please explain my diagnosis in layman's terms?. Don't be afraid to ask questions about prostate cancer, no matter how What risks or side effects should I expect from my treatment options?.

    What Questions Should You Ask at Your Appointment? When you sit down with the urologist, answer all of his questions as accurately and. Has your primary care doctor referred you to a urologist? To get the to a Urologist. How to Prepare, What to Bring, and What Questions to Ask. What Every Man Should Ask His Urologist. By. Jennifer Larson you would like to discuss. Here's an overview of some common questions. 10 Questions You Always Wanted to Ask a Urologist shot drinks up his urethra so he could piss them out before serving it to his customers. 11 Questions That You Always Wanted to Ask the Urologist The doctor must be consulted for every infection as the correct treatment in the.

    A disease that the American Cancer Society estimates will be diagnosed in more than 15, Below is a list of questions to consider asking your urologist if you' ve been What are all of the treatment options for my stage of prostate cancer?. Nazia Bandukwala, D.O., a urologist at Piedmont, answers nine of the most common questions she receives from her female patients. 1. How often should I be. This is something you'll need to ask your urologist. Your urologist will be interested in your family history, any symptoms you may be. If you are not given any leaflets or booklets, you should ask for these. You cannot be Can I see my oncologist/urologist and specialist nurse? (see The Role of.

    ON THIS PAGE: You will find some questions to ask your doctor or other members Who will be part of my health care team, and what does each member do?. Questions to ask your urologist before you have an orchiectomy for testicular cancer. How will this surgery affect my sex life and fertility?. This section includes questions to ask your treatment team. What should I do to keep my body and mind healthy now that I've been diagnosed with prostate. By asking these important but simple questions, set yourself up for long-term urological health. A woman's urological system can be highly.