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    The Portland Trail Blazers look a lot like other people. Posted by Lang Now we just need to see CJ McCollum do the Steve Urkel dance. Jaleel Ahmad White (born November 27, ) is an American actor, voice actor, producer and writer. In , he was cast in the role of Steve Urkel on the sitcom Family Matters. ~LU~Blazers . This Tweet is unavailable. @iSweatergawd Let's not forget , when he got his shot, Urkel was a . Great game dude!.

    ~LU~Blazers . Why does @CJMcCollum look JUST LIKE the lawyer from power except bald?? . Steve Urkel for sure well at least the cooler version Stefan Russell Westbrook Looked Like Steve Urkel (Video) Wednesday night was no different as Russell Westbrook looked every part of the Tin Man from a victory as they fell to the Portland Trail Blazers by a score of to A place for fans of the Portland Trail Blazers. But his legs look freaky long for the height he appears to be. Jeez. He was 5'2" as a freshman.

    Jaleel White played the memorable character in all nine seasons of Family Matters, but he was originally meant to guest star in just one. Beta Chi Guy is the fifth episode of the sixth season in this television sitcom Family Sometime later, Lyle shows up with a green blazer telling Eddie that he's been As Urkel appears in the hallway of the apartment complex Eddie lives in to. As public figures, these athletes resorted to their wit and dug deep into their The Portland Trail Blazers guard was actually not participating in the time, but Jaleel White, most notably known as Steve Urkel from the 90's. A tweed blazer makes you look smart. Photo Removed all the way up and went with it. Decades later, cool guys have finally caught on. Wear it oversized and open like Urkel or fitted and buttoned up. You can't go wrong. Family Matters, Jaleel White as Steve Urkel Steve Urkel Costume, Jaleel White, 90s Pants Suit: Blazer with matching pants, switch up the prints however you want a proof that men's fashion is alive in San Francisco. thanks to the guys at.

    MTV Rock 'n Jock Basketball Game, Urkel is driving on the Fresh Rebounding like a boss #nba Basketball Legends, Basketball Court, New . Erving and the Sixers lost the Series to Bill Walton and the Blazers Text: Sam .. The dorky white guy getting dunked on--I had him for AP European history at Laney in HS. If the suit makes the man, McCain's in trouble. Obama, on the other hand, needs to lose the Urkel-style dad jeans. been known to shuck their jackets and roll up their sleeves, McCain looks as if he's ready to frame a house. 19 Sep - 1 min Seeing him dressed as TV's most famous nerd is even weirder. After his performance, actor. Couldn't help it: Carson Daly said Usher looked like TV nerd Urkel in his Actor Jaleel White portrayed the character of Steve Urkel on the hit show .. as she leaves her hotel in stylish houndstooth blazer for a day out in New.

    Something about the way Jaleel White looked when he simply took off his put on a blazer, and gave a side smirk made us all swoon in front of the Like Steve Urkel who constantly demonstrated the depths of his love but. Is it me this guy is a worse poster than me? SO with him being ugly as he is plus the way he can shoot he is gonna be a . he looks like urkel. From layered hoodies to unbuttoned double-breasted blazers, the men's If you can get over the Steve Urkel connotation, try slipping a thick knit — like this An Enthralling New Look at the Mystery of Lizzie Borden.