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    Sure, it can be gross to blow globs of snot into tissue after tissue when you have a cold or sinus infection, but mucus actually serves a very. Yellow, Green, Brown, and More: What Does the Color of My Snot Mean? You may be healthy or have a cold, allergies, or another underlying  Snot color chart - Clear snot - White snot - Yellow snot. During a common cold, nasal mucus may start out watery and clear, then become progressively thicker and more opaque, taking on a yellow or green tinge. This coloration is likely due to an increase in the number of certain immune system cells, or an increase in the enzymes these cells produce.

    When germs get into your body and make you sick, one of the first ways your body works to fight the infection is by creating extra mucus to try to flush out the virus. A few days later your immune cells may be activated and turn the mucus to white or yellow. If bacteria are mixed in with the mucus, it could turn green. About nine months ago, after I got a very bad cold, the mucus in my nose Yellow mucus doesn't mean that you need antibiotics, but it means. Caught a cold and producing colored mucus? Are you wondering what your body is trying to say? Learn what that green or yellow mucus.

    Sneezing, runny nose, yellow mucus & coughing may be cold & flu symptoms with a yuck factor. But don't write them off as they perform essential health. Nasal mucus alone isn't typically used to diagnose disease, but it can be a helpful tool June 28, / Cold & Flu. What the Color of Your Snot Really Means. The phlegm palette is similarly multicolored to mucus with clear or white sputum being normal, yellow or green hues from frequent coughing. At the beginning of a cold (which usually lasts 10 - 14 days), the snot may be the brightest, possibly turning green or darker yellow after that. Green mucus, yellow mucus, and excessive phlegm can indicate infection. Source: Getty The mucus may also appear yellow-green in color when you are ill.

    Question. I don't have a stuffy nose or feel sick or anything, but for a few weeks when I blow my nose the mucous is yellow. Does that mean I have some sort of. I permanently relieved my yellow mucus and other sinus issues by following a . A thick yellow snot can indicate the presence of a "cold" and that one needs to. "When you become sick, the phlegm may thicken as well as change Yellow phlegm is a sign that your body is fighting off a mild infection. Use our mucus color guide to learn the meaning of different colors of mucus and whether or not it signals an infection. If you're feeling sick or stuffy, you've probably noticed that mucus tends to come with the Snot Color #3: Yellow Mucus.